Saturday, January 28, 2012

Having Pride in one's work

I was getting ready to do a very complex neuroanesthesia case the other day. It involved providing care to a patient with severe cerebrovascular disease. Patient and anesthesia plan were discussed the night before surgery. I arrived in the morning and saw the picture on the right showing the drips needed for the case. Not bad I said to myself; the resident set up the stuff as I discussed with him but we can do better. Results are in the second picture. We should have pride in the work we do. A neat and organized anesthesia work area/equipment will lead us to provide better care to our ever increasing complex patients.


  1. Our facility has not done neuroanesthesia cases for many years. Soon, they plan to resume neurosurgical cases. What book, articles, websites would you recommend that will provide a good review / update for our anesthesiologists?

  2. Hello:
    Any major textbook of neuroanesthesia like Albin's or Cottrell's should be fine. Check

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